The Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF is an all-electric five-door family hatchback. It needs no fuel such as petrol or diesel, and it has zero tailpipe emissions, no clutch or gears, and is virtually silent to drive. It needs to be plugged in to the electricity supply to charge it and while the LEAF can go 80 miles* on a single charge, you are advised to consider how the vehicle would fit into your lifestyle and the charging facilities which are available to you if you embark upon journeys which are beyond the vehicle’s natural range. This could include, for example, workplace charging if your commute is longer than the range of the vehicle, or publicly-accessible charge points.

More information about the Nissan LEAF

* Range may be affected by a number of factors including driving style, type of driving, topography, and use of features such as air conditioning.

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