Technical Trials

Could you find another 9 people in your street who would be interested to take part in a trial of electric vehicles and of new technology that monitors and controls the recharging of EVs?

We’re looking for ‘Electric Avenues’ to take part in a trial of new technology that can monitor and control the demand on the local electricity network due to the recharging of electric vehicles (EVs). For a ‘cluster’ or ‘Electric Avenue’, we need a group of a minimum of 10 participants in a local area on the same local electricity network. Participants must have off-street parking suitable to fit a charging point for EVs.

The trial package offers you:
– An all-electric Nissan LEAF five-door family hatchback
– At an exclusively subsidised monthly rental for 18 months

How you will benefit:
– Save up to 85% on your monthly fuel bill
– £2-3 will take you 80-100 miles (the cost of one recharge overnight)
– Zero road tax – another chance to save money!
– Zero tailpipe emissions – healthier air for you and your family
– Zero petrol or diesel cost
– Fantastic driving experience – smooth, quiet, no clutch or gears

An electric vehicle for the family

We will take care of:
– Delivery of your new Nissan LEAF to your home address
– Supply and installation of a charging point for everyone taking part
– Ongoing maintenance of the electric car for the 18 month trial period

Information required during the trial
During the course of the trial, cluster trial participants will be contacted either on paper, online, over the telephone, or face-to-face (to be agreed), by De Montfort University to understand more about their everyday driving and charging habits. De Montfort University will also gain participants’ feedback on the technology. This will focus on adjustments in driving behaviour, their experience in taking part, any concerns they may have and satisfaction levels with the technology.

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